Botticelli Prints

Botticelli Prints

Botticelli prints cover the career of Sandro Botticelli who produced famous paintings such as Birth of Venus, Primavera, Mystic Nativity, Annunciation, Venus and Mars, Head of Venus, Venus and Madonna and Child. Botticelli is a famous Italian painter from the 15th - 16th century who was around during the finest period in Italian which was ahead of the rest of the western world, stimulated by Italian cities, towns and provinces who wanted to commission the finest artists available to them in order to make their buildings and galleries the most impressive in the country. You can see more Botticelli paintings here.

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Birth of Venus Botticelli

Birth of Venus Print by Botticelli

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Birth of Venus is the best known painting by Sandro Botticelli and shows the goddess Venus as she rises from the sea. This classic oil painting is instantly recognisable when viewed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy where it is now on display. Birth of Venus stands at 172.5 cm × 278.5 cm (67.9 in × 109.6 in) and was completed by the artist in tempera on canvas which was very common during the 15th century, when this painting was finished.

You can read about specific Botticelli paintings below.

The Birth of Venus is a topic covered by many other painters besides Botticelli with further skilled artists also producing impressive sculptures too, themed similarly to the paintings. Sculpture was particularly prominent in Italy at that time. The Birth of Venus painting was not an exactly realistic depiction of the goddess with proportions chosen for image rather than accuracy, as is always the artist's way.

The Birth of Venus has been slightly difficult to give an exact date on but recent research places it between 1485-1487 with a reasonable level of accuracy once several factors have been taken into account such as written evidence and the consideration of the painting's style and composition in comparison to the rest of the works in his career.


Primavera Print by Botticelli

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Primavera, also known as Spring, is another classic painting by Sandro Botticelli. The Primavera was painted for Lorenzo's townhouse in Florence, and was stored alongside the Birth of venus at the villa of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici in Castello. Since being completed in 1482, Primavera has been held as a symbol of the Florentine Renaissance which was a key part of the overall development of art right across Italy around this time, with it's principles later spreading all across Europe to Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France and Britain.

The works of Sandro Botticelli have attracted great academic study over the years as has his life in general with quite a few question marks still existing over both. Sandro's sexuality, the exact dates of his works and also his intentions and emotions behind each and every painting are all topics which have attracted great attention for many centuries.

Mystic Nativity

Mystic Nativity Print by Botticelli

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Mystic Nativity is a complex and charming work by Botticelli that features a detailed depiction of this classic relgious scene which has been covered by so many other artists too from around this period in art which was dominated by religious art, reflecting it's role in society at that time.


Annunciation Print by Botticelli

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Annunciation is another religious topic covered by most of the main renaissance artists during their careers, and also rates as one of the best known paintings from Botticelli's own career. This classic scene offered the artist all he needed in inspiration and artistic license to produce an academically much respected painting, again on Tempura.

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars Print by Botticelli

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Venus and Mars

Head of Venus

Head of Venus Print by Botticelli

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Head of Venus


Venus Print by Botticelli

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Madonna and Child

Madonna and Child Print by Botticelli

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Madonna and Child

Famous International Galleries and Museums

The quality of Botticelli is shown in the prestigious art galleries, exhibitions and museums around the world that now hold the majority of his works, displaying them regularly to the delight of the painter's international fanbase. See below for some of the major instiutions which hold original works from Botticelli's career.

List of Famous Sandro Botticelli Paintings

See below for a longer list of the best paintings to have come from the career of the Italian master, Sandro Botticelli, with around eight of them featured in this homepage. Incidentally, many choose to buy reproductions prints of both the original Botticelli paintings as well as specific detailed sections of them, such as with Head of Venus.

Famous Italian artists

Botticelli was just one of many Italian masters to have appeared during the Renaissance era which started in Italy before spreading across the rest of Europe. Other notable Italian artists from around this period are listed below.

Further Famous Artists

As well as the great works produced by Botticelli, the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanticist periods between the 14th and 18th centuries gave the world countless other skilled and innovative artists. Find a brief selection of some of the best below.

Bruegel the Elder and Younger followed a similar style of landscapes with great detail and an assortment of characters going about their lives which makes the prints interesting and worth studying several times over. They make great additions to your home because they constantly show new detail and interest to your eye as you look around the various Bruegel landscapes. You can buy Bruegel prints here.

Albrecht Durer was a famous German artist who established a reputation around the world as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance, even with such a considerable set of challengers during the 15th and 16th centuries. Check out these Durer prints

Rembrandt prints are amongst the best from the Dutch Golden Age, which is a famous period of Dutch art involving traditional Baroque paintings. Rembrandt remains one of the most important Dutch artist of all time, as well as the most influential from the 17th century. You can read more about Rembrandt prints here.

JMW Turner is amongst the most appreciated British artists of all time, both academically and buy everyday art consumers. Many choose to buy Turner reproductions that they can enjoy in their own homes, though typically smaller than his original works because they were so huge. Turner's romanticist style makes his original oil paintings best reproduced as framed art giclee prints which completes a professional look and matches the relatively traditional style of this art movement. Check out some Turner prints here. Turner's finest painting was the Fighting Temeraire.

Goya entered art at a very early stage in his life after accepting an apprenticeship at the age of 14 where he received tutoring from fellow artist Jose Luzan. Goya was to go on from this period to help progress accepted art principles of the time towards what we have today in a similarly impactful way to others painters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Buy Goya prints now here.

Caravaggio used a more understated method than was common for the time with other works like Saint Catherine, Martha and Mary Magdalene, Judith Beheading Holofernes, a Sacrifice of Isaac, a Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy, and a Rest on the Flight into Egypt. See Caravaggio prints here.

Delacroix is a famous French artist for two main reasons, firstly the great quality and emotion found in his paintings, and secondly the dramatic and historically important topics of many of his key paintings, such as Liberty Leading the People. Enjoy Delacroix prints here.

John Constable marked the rise of landscape painting which previously had been undervalued and wasn't seen the way it is today, either by art buyers or academics. Below is a link through to a gallery of his best works, as well as a link directly to our recommended one, and Constable's most popular - The Haywain. There is more information on Constable here.

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