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Three Graces is a famous oil painting by Sandro Botticelli, a prominent Italian artist from the 15th century. Three Graces is one of the best known works from Botticelli's career and proves popular as a print for those looking to buy reproductions for their own homes. You can buy Three Graces Botticelli from the links underneath the image of the painting below.

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Three Graces Botticelli

Three Graces Print by Botticelli

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Three Graces is available to buy from the links above, along with many others in the Botticelli gallery. All come from recommended retailer, who offer giclee art prints, framed and unframed reproductions, posters and stretched canvases.

Three Graces offers Botticelli's stylish and artistic depictions with elongated proportions and bright use of colour. Three Graces is also yet another painting by Sandro that covers a religious setting with the artist's own creativity added in to finish it off superbly. The artist is well known for depicting complementary portraits of beautiful women throughout his career.

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